Shepherd’s pie is comfort food for people around the world. It is delicious, easy to make, and does not cost a lot. Also, ingredients can be changed to fit anyone’s taste. Traditional shepherd’s pie uses lamb for the meat, but you can use ground beef, chicken, or plant-based meats. The same goes for the vegetables. If peas, carrots, corn or green beans are on hand and suit your taste, put them in. Add mashed potatoes and a layer of cheese on top, and you have an amazing shepherd's pie recipe your family is sure to love.


1. Get the Potatoes Cooking

The first step in making shepherd’s pie is to get the potatoes cooking because that will take the longest time. Wash 5 - 7 medium potatoes and then cut them into squares about 1” x 1”. Put them into a large pot of water, add one teaspoon of salt, and bring the water to a gentle boil. Cook the potatoes until they are tender, about 20 - 25 minutes.

Boiling Diced Potatoes, Shepherd's Pie RegenerationX / Getty Images


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