The art of knitting uses two long and straight handheld needles. The needles are tools for twisting strands of yarn from balls of wool into neat patterns. Many people follow a knitting pattern for every new item they create. A pattern can be as simple as a specific number of rows and columns.

Not only is knitting a great and engaging hobby, but it also leaves you with a fantastic and practical end result. You can customize a cozy wearable garment or even something for the home like a throw or potholder.

With resurgent interest in textiles and natural fibers, knitting is regaining popularity. Its repetitive nature lends itself to multi-tasking; it is popular to knit while in a lecture hall, watching tv, or listening to a podcast.


1. What you Need

Once you have decided that you are going to learn how to knit, you will need to acquire the basic tools required for the craft.

Firstly, you will need two knitting needles which are the same length and width. You will also need some yarn or wool. Whether you start from a pattern or not is optional.

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