Gnats are tiny flying insects attracted to moisture and sweet smells. They're also a nuisance for homeowners and are unhygienic. Once you have gnats, the infestation will only grow since gnats lay eggs in moist areas of your home and on decaying fruit. Therefore, it's imperative to get rid of gnats as quickly as possible. There are many methods to control the gnat population in your home as well as habits you can change to help avoid a gnat infestation.


1. Types of Gnats Found in Homes

There are three types of gnats you may find in your home. They are the fruit fly, drain fly, and fungus gnat. To identify the type of gnat you have, note its size and the characteristics on its body.

Fruit Fly

  • Red eyes
  • About 1/8-inch long with a striped abdomen
  • Similar look to house fly but smaller

Drain Fly

  • Fuzzy antennae
  • Dark borders around wings
  • Dark gray or tan fuzzy body
  • About 1/8-inch long

Fungus Gnat

  • Looks like a mosquito but smaller
  • Brown or black body with light legs
  • About 1/8-inch long
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