Fruit flies seem to appear out of nowhere and can overrun your home within days. If you have fruit in your house that has begun to ferment due to over-ripeness, you may suddenly see a fruit fly — or a lot of them. One fruit fly can lay hundreds of eggs that can hatch in mere hours, which probably comes to no surprise to anyone who’s experienced an infestation. Fortunately, there are ways to stop these insects from taking over your house.


1. Take Care of Your Fruit

Fruit flies love fruit and will land on and lay eggs on any fruit they can access, including fruit with a skin or peel. If you're worried about flies, place all your fruit in either an airtight container or your refrigerator. Immediately throw away any portion you don’t consume into a trash can with a tight-fitting lid. The cold temperatures of the refrigerator are an instant fruit fly deterrent and will help keep your fruit fresher longer, as long as it is already ripe.

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