2. Types of Paper

Though it’s ideal to use origami paper, not everybody is going to have regular access to that. However, most people have some type of paper in their home, whether it’s copy paper, notebook paper, or even newspaper.

  • In most cases, copy or printer paper is too thick, though it is possible to perform basic folds such as those necessary for the origami flapping crane.
  • Though it may be tempting to use newspaper because it is thin, it’s not a great material for origami. It tears easily and doesn’t take folds well.
  • Notebook paper is thin and folds easily, though some people may find the blue guidelines distracting.
  • Manifold paper is fairly rare now, though some people might have some stuck in cabinets from years prior. Manifold paper, or second sheet paper, was in use before printers and copiers were widely available. Manifold paper is thin, strong, and takes folds easily.
copy paper origami mediaphotos / Getty Images

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