For hundreds of years, origami and the art of folding paper has been a beloved part of many cultures. However, it wasn’t until Akira Yoshizawa created the Yoshizawa-Randlett system in 1954 that origami spread across the world and interest in it exploded. The system, which is still in use today, has notations about how to fold specific origami folds. One of the most popular origami models is the origami flapping crane or flapping bird. Not only is it simpler than a standard origami crane, but its ability to move makes it something special.


1. Starting Point

In most situations, it’s usually better to use origami paper. These are small, square sheets of paper that are thinner than sheets of regular printer paper. Usually, they have a bold color on one side and are paler or white on the other. This helps make following folding instructions significantly easier. For the origami flapping crane, a sheet that measures 15-by-15 centimeters usually has the best flapping. If you don’t have origami paper or square paper, you can cut the bottom off of a sheet of whatever type of paper you have available.

origami paper sheets GEOLEE / Getty Images


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