Drawing can be a rewarding past time for anyone looking to find an outlet or a hobby. It's therapeutic and helps you to relax and delve into your inner creative spirit. But many people lack the formal training for the art of drawing, and they think they don't have what it takes to get started. Did you know the face is a great place to start? There are some simple techniques that anyone can learn if you apply them and believe in yourself.


1. Start with a large basic circle.

Anyone can start with a basic circle. Draw a circle using a pencil and sketchpad. Then make a horizontal line below it for the chin and sketch the jawline. You will need to draw a vertical line down the center of the face and make sure the sides stay symmetrical.

This will serve as your starting place to draw the face and begin to add on features that will make it more recognizable.

There's an old saying that applies here: "Always begin with the end in mind." If you keep this in mind as you draw, you will have the picture of the result you want before you get to that point.


Eva-Katalin / Getty Images



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