Instagram can be a lot of fun until it is not. A lot of people worry about their privacy when using the popular social media network. Others worry that things they posted previously will be used against them. Whatever your situation is, you can always delete an Instagram account if you have significant concerns. Deleting an account only takes a few minutes of your time, and can save you a lot of heartache in certain situations. There are also a few steps you may want to take before deleting your account to ensure you are making the right decision.


1. Make Sure You Really Want to Delete Your Account

Before you delete your Instagram account, make sure you understand the repercussions if you do. Deleting your account is a final step, and you will not be able to access anything you posted again if you do. Any photos, messages, or responses you received will be gone. Thus, you want to make sure you save any photos you may no longer have on your phone or computer and review your page to look for any contact information you may need. You will also lose your followers list and any personal messages once you delete your account.


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