We live in a hustle and bustle society with a high emphasis on appearance. A big part of our beauty regimes, for both men and women, is a well-groomed coiffure. The average man spends a little over $150 a year on haircuts, while the average woman spends over $250. We are quickly becoming a DIY world, and that extends to people moving toward cutting their hair themselves. Stick with us while we cover some at-home haircut techniques for both men and women, as well as suggest style variations.


1. It's a Man's World

Let's face it; men have it easy in comparison to women. It is quite acceptable and even fashionable for men to grow their hair long with a big bushy beard to match. To accomplish this look you need time and to keep your hands off the scissors and shears. Grab a backpack and see the world in the meanwhile — no need to be shy guys, the ladies love a bad boy.

long hair bearded hippie look. mihailomilovanovic / Getty Images


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