Papayas are a healthy fruit with high vitamin C and antioxidant contents. There are several different kinds to choose from. Hawaiian papayas are smaller, and Caribbean and Asian papayas are larger. All types are equally delicious and nutritious. Many people are unsure how to choose, prepare and eat papayas because they are not a familiar staple food where they live. Fortunately, these fruits are simple to cut and go well in a variety of recipes.


1. Choose a Ripe Papaya

For the best flavor and texture, it's important to choose ripe papaya. It's easy to tell from the color whether a papaya is ready to eat, as ripe fruits will have patches of yellow skin. Check that the papaya is soft enough for a lightly-pressed finger to create an indent.

If the papaya isn't ripe enough, it can be encouraged to ripen more quickly by placing it in a paper bag with bananas. This is because bananas secrete a lot of ethylene, which encourages fruit to ripen.

choosing ripe papaya Juanmonino / Getty Images


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