For various reasons, many people believe that they don’t care for or actively dislike cabbage. Some people dislike its taste while others dislike its crunchy texture. However, cabbage is one of the most flexible vegetables available, and there are many different ways to prepare it. Each cooking method not only changes its taste and texture but also increases the number of foods that it pairs well with. If you’ve never liked cabbage, try a fresh, new way of cooking it, and you might be surprised!


1. Buying High-Quality Cabbage

Before cooking cabbage, you need to pick out and purchase a good quality cabbage head. There are four major varieties of cabbage that are available in most stores: green, red, savoy, and napa. Green and red cabbage are ideal for salads. Many people create wraps with savoy, though it is also great with butter or in a stir-fry. Napa has a more mild taste and fits into almost any dish. Regardless of what type of cabbage you wish to cook, choose a head that is bright and rich in color. It should also feel heavier than other heads of cabbage of similar size. Additionally, the leaves should feel crisp and tightly packed.

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