Broccoli may be the healthiest vegetable you can eat. The cruciferous veggie is known for high antioxidant content and cancer-fighting abilities. Many studies suggest broccoli lowers the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Experts believe sulforaphane, the ingredient that makes broccoli bitter, is what slows the progression of cancer cells. Broccoli has never been a favorite of children, but after they try the myriad of delicious ways you can prepare it, they might just grow to like it.


1. Prep to Cook

Wash broccoli in cool water. Use a splash of vinegar, if you like, to remove the more stubborn germs and pesticides. Separate the tops of the broccoli, from the stalks by chopping them off. The trees or florets are the part most people use in cooking. The stalks, which are tougher and take longer to cook, are also edible. You can even cook the leaves along with the rest of the broccoli, or save them for soups or pesto.

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