There are many reasons for contacting Facebook. Parents want to ensure the safety, and privacy settings on a child's account are set up correctly. Profiles can be can be disabled for no apparent reason, offensive ads don't always disappear when settings are changed, and hacked accounts are very frustrating. Deciding how to contact Facebook is usually a matter of finding the appropriate option for specific issues. Facebook offers many different forms and avenues for seeking help, so the sheer number of options may be confusing.


1. Facebook Help Community

The Facebook Help Community is a great resource. Thousands of Facebook users are involved in the community. They offer help and answer questions. There are categories along the left side of the page that can help with finding a specific topic quickly. The category "Top Questions" includes the most common queries. Several Facebook pages exist that post updates and sometimes answer questions, including Facebook For Business, Facebook & Privacy, Facebook Developers, Facebook Engineers, and Facebook Design.

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