These days, the Internet is awash with privacy concerns. Before Mark Zuckerberg was dominating headlines over privacy concerns, he was a budding ingénue about to change the world with the very first official social networking site. In this vein, it’s only right that we think about our Google search history. Every search we make on Google, no matter how strange, is logged into the system. Although our searches are harmless insights into what we’re planning to eat tonight or how to say “privacy” in another language, it’s still worth clearing the history now and again.


1. What is Google History?

In short, your search history is a log of all of the searches and queries you've made on Google. It's also a handy way that Google customizes the Internet towards what works for you. Whether by targeted advertising or quickening your user experience, they keep that data in their system. Essentially, every single search you make – while you're signed into your Google account – is stored.

Note: Taking a peek at your search history might also make you laugh.

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