Cleaning and descaling a Keurig machine is good for your coffee and your peace of mind. Most water sources will eventually leave mineral deposits called scaling inside the machine, building up until they affect the taste of the coffee and the operation of the machine, especially when the block water passages.

Cleaning is not a difficult job, but it does require adding one more task to your already busy day, and even though you think of coffee every morning, you probably will have to remember to clean the machine sometime in the evening.


1. Keurig Machines are Convenient and Flexible But Not Zero-Maintenance

Keurig machines spoil us. Remember the process of grinding and measuring coffee, putting a filter in the basket, adding water and waiting for the brewing process to fill the four- to twelve-cup carafe? Now, we open the unit, remove any old K-cup, and put in a new one, close the unit, and press "brew" for our own cupful. They do need occasional cleaning, though.

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