Interest in kombucha is rapidly growing into a multibillion-dollar industry in cultures around the world. The effervescence and distinctive flavors of this age-old beverage have flooded the market as more people are tapping into the craze.

It is now common to see kombucha in grocery stores and juice bars, where you can find infinite varieties. However, you can create your own perpetual artisanal brew source for the cost of a few store-bought bottles.


1. Equipment

Making kombucha at home is surprisingly simple as it calls for only a few expensive supplies. You will need:

  • Quart-size glass container, usually a jar
  • Wooden or plastic stirring utensil – never metal
  • Pot for boiling water
  • Paper coffee filter or dish rag
  • Rubber band or canning jarring

Sanitize your equipment to avoid introducing harmful bacteria that would spoil your culture and make you sick. Use vinegar, a weak bleach solution of one tablespoon bleach to one gallon of water, or a barware sanitizer on your container and stirring utensil. Allow your supplies to air dry before brewing. If using cloth, machine wash with hot water.

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