Nothing screams yummy dessert quite like a light and fluffy cake. Plain, frosted, cream-covered or fruity, cake is sure to please any crowd. Baking a cake might seem like a simple process, but creating one that's moist but not mushy and sweet but not overpowering is harder than it seems. The secret when it comes to how to make cake involves nothing more than using the proper ingredients the right way.


1. Prep Your Pan

Take a 9-inch round cooking pan and grease it. Scoop a bit of lard or softened butter with your fingers and spread it around the bottom and up the sides of your pan. Be sure to fully cover the inside of the pan to prevent any part of the cake from sticking. Next, sprinkle in a bit of flour and then tip the pan from side to side to help spread it fully. Tap the pan as needed where the flour clumps to ensure an even coating.

how to bake a cake JohnnyGreig / Getty Images


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