In most households, you have to stand guard over even the most basic ham so that snackers don't eat the main course. Honey baked ham is especially vulnerable to before-dinner stealth, though -- it's just that delicious. That makes it a perfect meat for sandwiches and appetizers, too. Preparing it is not difficult, and there are many variations in both glaze flavorings and the types of ham that you use. It's a favorite which can keep your family and guests surprised as you serve it a different way each time and extravagantly on holidays.


1. Basic Honey Baked Ham Cooking Directions

Start with a pre-cooked ham of 8-10 pounds -- most you find at the store are already cooked, but some aren't, and they take quite a while in the oven. A pre-cut ham spiral-sliced is a plus, too as it takes in the glaze so nicely. If you don't have one or want to slice it yourself later, you can score the ham in a checkerboard pattern before you glaze it. Since you're caramelizing the glaze, you should cover the roasting pan bottom with foil to avoid a nasty clean-up job or use a disposable one. Put the ham in cut face down. You'll heat the ham before glazing, about 15 minutes per pound at 250 degrees F until a meat thermometer inserted into the ham reads 135 degrees F. Make sure the glaze is ready by then.

spiral sliced ham cooked DustyPixel / Getty Images


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