Many people are switching to ground turkey as a substitute for ground beef in many of their favorite dishes for a healthier lifestyle. Ground turkey is low-fat and high in protein, perfect for any diet plan. Although ground turkey is slightly higher in cholesterol than ground beef, the rest of the health benefits outweigh this, unless you must follow a strict low cholesterol diet. Be sure when you're cooking your turkey to thoroughly brown it, leaving no pink.


1. Turkey Fried Rice

Add ground turkey to your favorite fried rice recipe for a healthy, satisfying Chinese dish. Use white rice, cooked, and slightly stale. Mix rice in a wok or large saute pan with sesame oil, diced carrots, peas, and onions, and soy sauce to taste. Move the rice to the edges of the pan and crack an egg or two in the center. Scramble the egg and mix. In a separate pan, brown the turkey until it's completely cooked. Stir in the ground turkey and serve with diced scallions on top.

Fried Rice LauriPatterson / Getty Images


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