Soap making dates back to at least 4,800 years ago in ancient Babylon. Today, making soap is experiencing a renaissance with home crafters learning how to make soap themselves. One of the benefits for making your own soap is you can choose what goes into it. Selecting the ingredients means your soap can smell and look exactly the way you want, and you can make sure no allergens are in your soap. Another advantage of homemade soap is being able to create a new and unique product that you can enjoy yourself or gift to a loved one.


1. Methods Of Making Soap

For home crafters, there are four methods to make soap. Each one has positive points and challenges.

  • Melt and Pour
  • Re-batching
  • Cold Process
  • Hot Process

Some methods are simpler, and others require specialized equipment. Familiarize yourself with the different methods so you can find the right recipe to try.

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