If you didn't take Latin in high school, you might not know that curriculum vitae literally translates to mean the course of life. A CV is a different type of resume that brings together your professional, personal, and educational experiences together to prove you're fully qualified for a position you've applied for. A curriculum vitae is more flexible and descriptive than a resume because you get the opportunity to include factors and skills that wouldn't be found in a traditional resume. This guide will help you create a fantastic CV and hopefully help you land your dream job!


1. New Job Application = Revised Curriculum Vitae

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hunting for a new job is using the same, exact resume for every position they apply for. More successful applicants tailor each curriculum vitae to correspond to the skills and proficiencies required of the potential post. The best course of action when applying for a new job is to conduct research into the company and discover what experiences, skills, and personality traits are desired for the post.



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