Saving more money is easy: Earn more, and spend less! Unfortunately, if you're like almost everyone, that option is far beyond your control, and that means you'll have to find ways to cut spending and save money — and that's not painless. There are practical options, though, that can help you save a little more with less impact on your day-to-day life; let's call them "almost" painless ways to save money. After all, every little bit counts and all that discipline pays off later.


1. Hold Off on Big Purchases

Thinking of buying a new car? Or new appliances? Take a deep breath and consider waiting. Many people trade their car in as soon as they've paid it off and start shelling money out again. If your car doesn't need major work, keep it for another year. Add up the thousands of dollars you're going to save by not having a car payment, and then add in what you'll save because your insurance didn't go up; that might take the shine of that backup camera you so desperately want.


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