Whether you're saving for a vacation, a brand new car, retirement or a rainy day, or you're just after some more spending cash, knowing how to make money is a useful skill. Depending on your abilities and situation, there are many ways you can earn extra cash, including direct sales, online opportunities, or even selling items you already own. Whether you're after a long-term income stream or just looking for a few bucks for a special purchase, there are plenty of opportunities out there.


1. Affiliate Links

If you've got a blog or website, there's lots of money to be made by seeking out and posting relevant affiliate links. Lots of big companies offer affiliate programs that give you a commission on purchases made through your unique links. It's best to use an affiliate link that's relevant to your site's focus; for example, if you're hosting a beauty blog, Sephora and other makeup brands offer affiliate opportunities, while a financial blog would likely see more success posting affiliate links for credit cards and other financial services.

how to make money

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