These days, it's more important than ever to find good ways to unwind. Many mysteries still surround mental health and how important it is. However, an increasing number of studies are finding how integral it is to have time to yourself to relax. Specifically, doing something that you want to do. Everyone finds joy in a different activity. Some people prefer to do yoga, others like adult coloring books. However, the rising star of the hobby world is origami.


1. What is origami

Everything you need to know about origami is in its name, which comes from the Japanese words for folding (“ori”) and paper (“kami”). Essentially, you create small paper sculptures through a specific set of folds. Japanese paper folding began during the Edo period during the 1600s. Modern-day origami is a fusion of many different techniques stemming from ancient Japanese, Chinese, and European traditions. Most pre-existing origami sculptures require a specific type of paper, though you can fold them using almost any material, so long as it has a square shape.

origami history Satoshi-K / Getty Images


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