Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most stylish room of all? Why, it could be you, of course, after you find the ideal wall mirror for your space. No matter what your decorating taste might be, a wall mirror can be a great addition to your room. A statement mirror can provide a decorating focal point over a mantel or on a large wall, or a smaller mirror can add a subtle brightening effect and showcase your personal style. Plus, every good interior decorator knows that adding a mirror can make a room look more spacious.


1. A simple circular mirror is minimalist chic

There's a reason why a circle-shaped mirror is a classic. The simple outline of this basic shape combined with the reflective surface of the mirror engenders a sort of meditative peacefulness. Modern styles utilize a thin frame or even no frame at all to emphasize this simplicity. The result is a minimalist dream decorating piece, ideal for creating a laid-back vibe that still feels contemporary and stylish.



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