One of the best ways to enjoy mealtimes in the warmer seasons is with a picnic in the sun. Traditional picnic foods like sandwiches and cakes are always a hit, foods with influences from other cultures, and a mix of flavors can be used to add interest. You can create exciting new finger foods, snacks, and desserts, all suitable for al fresco dining. The versatility of picnic food means many dishes can be adapted for different tastes and can be suitable for meat-eaters, vegetarian, or vegan restrictions. Delight your picnic guests with fresh and interesting picnic ideas that look incredible and are easy to make and eat.


1. Antipasto skewers

An antipasto skewer is the perfect versatile picnic food, as it can be loaded with ingredients of your choice. Options such as Serrano ham, olives, feta cheese, and fresh juicy tomatoes allow you to adapt your skewer to your tastes and dietary requirements. Choose delicious meat-free options to cater to vegetarians and plant-based foods for a vegan option. An antipasto skewer is both tasty and easy to eat and works best when made with high-quality ingredients.

Italian antipasti AngiePhotos / Getty Images


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