Hygge took the design world by storm a few years back and has been going strong ever since. But the concept is actually centuries old, with origins in the long dark nights of the Scandinavian winter. Anyone can channel the hygge lifestyle, which merely implies warmth, togetherness, and coziness on the home front. But how each person interprets hygge will be specific to their own values. Nonetheless, certain universal principles apply: family and friends come first, home sustains us in a cold world, and material comfort is king.


1. How to say hygge

The word itself is Norwegian, but it has been adopted in most parts of Scandinavia and beyond. Pronounced 'hoo-gah' or 'hew-gah' hygge is a noun that describes a state of mind. You can't be hygge, but you can have hygge. The concept has an emotional component, so the interpretation of the word can be slightly different for each person using it, regardless of their native language.

Hygge means warm and cozy home living. KristianSeptimiusKrogh / Getty Images


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