The textile trend in home decor is huge, but it isn't anything new. Macramé in particular is enjoying some serious time in the spotlight.

Although many of us immediately think of the '70s when we hear macramé, it was actually around several centuries prior. Ancient Babylonians reportedly used woven knots and fringe as decoration in the 13th century. Macramé eventually made its way to Europe before spreading around the world.

Today, you can't scroll on social media without coming across macramé. The look is somehow chic, rustic, cozy, and modern all at once, making it perfect for any decor scheme.


1. Planters

Macramé hanging planters were huge in the '70s, and it's easy to see why. They add a subtle, earthy touch of decor to any room and draw attention to the greenery. Hanging planters are also a great way to incorporate plants into your decor without using any floor or counter space.

You can hang them directly on the wall or on a hook from the ceiling. For an indoor garden effect, try hanging a few planters in a cluster at different heights.

Two macrame hanging planters in a bright room FollowTheFlow / Getty Images


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