Your living room is probably the most used space in your house. It's where families and friends socialize and where you relax watching TV or reading a book after a long day. Having a living room that is comfortable, stylish, and cozy can make all the difference. The best living room colors to use in your home will depend on when you use the room most. If you usually use your living room during the day, lighter colors are best, whereas if your living room is an evening room, warmer colors create a homely feel.


Crisp white

Using white in your home maximizes natural light and makes rooms appear larger. If you spend most of your day in a living room that is on the smaller side, white is the perfect color for you. Having a living room with white-colored walls also gives you a wider choice of furniture styles, and you have the option to add decorative pieces of any color. If you want to add a pop of color to a white living room, colorful cushions and vibrant artwork are the perfect solutions.

Minimalistic white living room ArchiViz / Getty ImagesLivingroom interior wall mock up with gray fabric sofa and pillows on white background with free space on right. 3d rendering.
White room with sofa. Scandinavian interior design.White room interior. Scandinavian interior design.White livingroom interior in nordic style with gray armchair, pillow and green plants.Modern bright interior Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on UnsplashPhoto by Alex Simpson on Unsplash Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Cool cream

Some people find that white walls require regular maintenance, and for young families, perfect white is not a suitable option. Choosing cream for your living room walls gives you the same lightening and enlarging effect as white, but the color needs less maintenance. It also has a warm tone, so if you like to use your living room during the evening and feel cozy, choosing cream might be the best option for you. If you want to add a pop of color, cream walls work particularly well with pink or grey.  

Cream living room with wooden flaws runna10 / Getty Imagesmodern living room in bright colors
Warm inviting interior with gas log fireplaceCouch with Mirror / Modern Couch with Cushions and Antique Mirrora visitor's waiting area in the hallway of a luxury new home. A large cream coloured settee is covered with silk cushions. A table in the corner retains a vase with silk flowers. The artwork on the wall is the Photographer's. phototropic / Getty Images19th century Provencal barn renovation Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty ImagesDayton, Ohio, USA - November 23, 2018: Looking down on contemporary living room arrangement in neutral tones with colorful pillows. lawcain / Getty Imagesmodern room in cream colors with white furnitureLuxury living room furniture set with glass top coffee tableliving room classic decoration frame wall retro concept

Lovely lilac

Lilac is a great accent color for a light, bright living room. If your living space gets lots of natural light, lilac is the perfect color for you. Choosing a light purple shade gives an otherwise white or neutral room a subtle and sophisticated pop of color. For a cozier atmosphere, you can paint all of your living room walls lilac; for a fresh and airy feel, pick a singular feature wall. Lilac works best when paired with white, gray, or cream furniture.

Modern living room with lilac wall Gladiathor / Getty ImagesModern living room interior with comfortable gray sofa near color wall
interior modern style villa, livingroom view1900s Hamburg apartment decorated with patterned wallpaper and 18th century furniture Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty ImagesModern living room with purple chaise lounge and shelves on wall - 3d rendering archideaphoto / Getty Imagesa spectacular lounge in a luxury new home and part of an exclusive development. This room has been decorated and furnished by a leading Interior Designer, with features including a baby grand piano and an extraordinary lamp... phototropic / Getty Imagescontemporary living room with dining space Lilac color accent in modern interior.

Royal red

Deep red colors are best for large living rooms that are used mostly during the evening. Red is a dark color, so this is not the best option if you want a lot of natural light. However, if you enjoy coming home to a homely space and putting on the fire in the evening, royal red walls are perfect. Dark, wooden furniture and red walls can make your living room extra snug.

Red living room with white furniture phototropic / Getty ImagesModern red living room interior design
interior of apartment, living room with red wallRustic Home interior mockup with bench,chairs and decor in red room, 3d rendering Artjafara / Getty ImagesRed and orange living room with colorful sofa and air conditioner archideaphoto / Getty Imagesmodern private living room Modern colorful room with orange wall and green blinds

Light gray

Light gray is another great option for those with young families or pets. If you choose a lighter shade of gray, you will get the benefits of a light and airy living space without any concerns over easily marked walls. As this color is a neutral tone, you can decorate your living room with any type of furniture or accent color. To add warmth to a light gray living room, choose yellow or orange cushions and wooden furniture.

Living room with grey walls and mustard sofa ExperienceInteriors / Getty ImagesLiving Room Interior With Picture Frame On Gray Walls onurdongel / Getty Images
Home apartment interior, living room with large sofa, lots of decor and elements, plant, vase, coffee table, carpet, pastel colors with many elements around. lots of pillows, modern contemporary hipster style interior. copy space wall for designers ExperienceInteriors / Getty ImagesMock up interior scene, seat with blanket. wooden column, window, gray concrete wall, books. Blank wall for copy space. Interior designer hipster template ExperienceInteriors / Getty ImagesSeating area with plasma screen and recessed fire in London city apartment Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Fruity raspberry

Using a raspberry red color is the perfect compromise between deep red and pink. If you love red but think it too imposing for your living room, raspberry walls are perfect for you. Raspberry is a fun color that also works perfectly on feature walls or wallpaper. Gray, white, and dark brown furniture all suit raspberry-colored rooms, so if you're on a budget, you can switch up your space without replacing your furniture.

Raspberry red living room asbe / Getty ImagesPink Living Room with Sofa. asbe / Getty Images
Living room interior with comfortable couchHouse interiors furnished, classic style living roomModern room interior with chairsGold leaf on wooden cupboard against red wall with black poster in spacious living room interior

Sunny yellow

Yellow walls are best suited to living rooms that receive good amounts of natural light. If your room is already bright and airy, yellow can create a sunny, happy atmosphere. Choosing yellow as the focal color is also a great option for people who use their living space equally throughout the day and evening. You have an array of stylistic options in yellow spaces as gray, white, and vibrant colors all work well.

Yellow living room and sofa asbe / Getty ImagesGeorgian terrace dating from Huguenot times belonging to Timothy Everest the London tailor Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images
Brightly Colorful modern interior Laurie Rubin / Getty ImagesFurnished living room with entrance hall and dining area. Yellow walls great match with white plank ceiling and entrance doorLiving room with lake view and yellow sofa

Deep purple

Similar to dark red shades, deep purples are best suited to large living rooms used in the evening. Purple is a color associated with wealth and power, so it's the perfect shade if you want to give your living room a luxurious feel. If you don't want your space to become too dark, consider using purple as an accent color on wallpaper or accessories like cushions.

Deep purple living room with wooden furniture KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty ImagesCozy Christmas home interior with Xmas tree and sofa, Classic style, purple color interior, 3d render Artjafara / Getty Images
Black and purple with chaise lounges and home cinema system archideaphoto / Getty Images

Luxury olive

Olive is another color that can add luxury to your living room. Although, unlike deep purple shades, olive doesn't create a dark space. Olive rooms can be just as light and airy as cream or lilac rooms, but they suit a more classic style. If you entertain friends in your living room, you can use this elegant color to impress them. To take a modern twist on a classic style, add light wooden furniture and pops of pink.

Olive living room with white sofa snorkulencija / Getty ImagesOlive tone family room with fireplace, two white chairs, sofa and glass top coffee table
 Two armchair in a green color background wall, living room in modern style with low table and decor. empty room with green, walls and wooden floor hanohiki / Getty Images

Navy blue

If you're a movie fan, a navy blue living room could be the best option for you. Navy can create a dark, theater-like atmosphere that's perfect for cozy nights in and watching your favorite movie. Although, if you love navy but don't want a dark room, you should add light furniture or white wall art.

Navy living room with white sofa asbe / Getty ImagesModern evening interior of living room with sofa, floor lamp against of brown wall 3d render Scovad / Getty ImagesDesigner sofa with pillows and decor near the window in the children's room. Curtains, tables with a flowerpot. Peter_visual / Getty ImagesSpacious blue living room designed in old styleGold elephant and a leaf in a glass vase placed on marble desk in blue living room interior with decor on metal rack


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