There was a time when you just grabbed an old table, put the TV on it, and that was all you needed. But, with the advent of flat-screen TVs, people require a sophisticated approach to providing more of an environment around their entertainment. Go into any store and you’ll see just how much people are willing to pay for someone else’s idea, whereas for a fraction of the cost, you can create your own customized console. Even if you have a small apartment with tight accommodations, you can make an entertainment center that looks just as good as, if not better than, the more expensive store-bought solutions.


1. Cable Drum

All you need is one cable drum and some wood boards. Cut the cable drum in half lengthwise. Attach reclaimed plywood or a large wooden board to the flat side of one half of the drum. Mount your flatscreen TV to the plywood or wooden board, above the cale drum. The half cable drum becomes a small table and storage unit with a built-in mount for your TV above it. This is one of those DIY TV stand ideas that's a great way to recycle old industrial materials.

cable drum diy tv stand format35 / Getty Images


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