For many of us, our kitchens could use some decor upgrades, or at the very least, a freshening up. You may envision plenty of ideas in your head, but for some reason, keep putting them off. If you’re not quite ready for a complete renovation, there are plenty of things you can do to create a functional, beautiful kitchen you’ll look forward to spending time in, where your culinary inspirations will thrive.


1. Add a tiled accent wall or backsplash

Think of a backsplash as a vertical extension of your kitchen’s countertop. These functional features not only protect walls behind sinks, stoves, or prep areas, they can provide an eye-catching focal point for your kitchen. If you’re into DIY projects, create a backsplash using colorful ceramic or stone tiles. Or, if you want a less time-consuming option, consider peel-and-stick metal mosaic tiles or colorful tile stickers to create a beautiful accent wall.

ceramic stone tile backsplash herkisi / Getty Images


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