Think of that blank, dull wall in your living room or kitchen as an opportunity for you to experiment with your own wall decor ideas and learn more about your creativity and tastes. How you decorate your living room and bedroom depends on what you want to feel or what message you want to send. There are plenty of ideas, but the best ones are often the simplest. The best thing about these ideas is that you can use items you already have and add a few sprinkles of imagination without coming close to busting your budget. There is something inherently satisfying about having that spark of an idea become a stunning reality.


1. 3-D Metallic naturals

Buy synthetic tropical leaves and branches from your favorite craft store, as well as brown craft paper, colored paper, metallic spray and a couple of picture frames. Spray the top side of the leaf or branch on top of the taped brown paper and let it dry. Create eye-popping contrast by adding the colored paper to the back of the frame. When you’re ready, use your glue the tips of the branches or leaves and put them in the frames.

synthetic leaves branches metallic paint jchizhe / Getty Images


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