For homeowners and renters alike, DIY projects offer the potential for both personal satisfaction and significant savings. The popularity of home improvement and fixer-upper shows makes us believe that we can easily perform the work that needs to be done. While many home renovation and repair jobs are simple enough, there are plenty of stories about errors that led to costly mistakes requiring professional fixes. It's not time to put away those tools just yet; you need to know which projects require a more experienced hand.


1. Electrical repairs

Except for minor projects such as installing a ceiling fan, leave the electrical work to the licensed experts. Your home is a maze of complicated wires and confusing circuitry. Electricians spend around five years as an apprentice before they can work on projects without supervision. Most electrical repairs and renovations also require a permit and knowledge of local building codes. If you’re inexperienced, you can easily shock yourself or cause a fire. Know your boundaries before taking on any type of electrical project.

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