Garages can quickly become blackholes of clutter and chaos: tools get tossed onto shelves and workbenches, hoses and tarps get bunched into a corner, and boxes get pushed up against a wall to keep them out of the way. Even though many of us don't spend a ton of time in our garage, that doesn't mean the space can't benefit from a little tidying and TLC. Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY storage solutions out there, most of which can be created using materials you may already have in your garage.


1. Lattice racks

Lattice racks are an inexpensive and elegant DIY storage solution for garages. Traditionally, lattice racks are made with wood, but PVC plastic works as well, depending on preference and what you may already have on hand. Use 2x4 studs to create a basic box frame, then secure the lattice on the top and bottom of the frame to use as a rack to store brooms, rakes, and other long-handled tools.



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