The kitchen is one of the most essential living spaces in every home. Whether it's a spacious room complete with a central island or a tiny kitchenette in a crowded city apartment, the kitchen is the setting for many of life's most memorable moments. Since we spend so much time cooking, eating, and just hanging out in the kitchen, it's important to make it feel like home. Fortunately, decorating with the right colors can be all it takes to transform your average kitchen into the gathering space of your dreams.


1. White is clean and classic

If you gravitate toward elegance and simplicity in your decorating, consider a classic all-white kitchen. It has a clean, airy feel that looks especially great with lots of natural light from windows or skylights. You can avoid a too-clinical feel by selecting materials with interesting textures like a smooth subway tile backsplash or shiny lacquered cabinets. Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful natural materials like marble, quartz, and granite that come in stunning shades of white. Add a few pops of color with bright green houseplants or decorative bowls for visual interest and to showcase your personal style.

White makes a kitchen look clean and bright. LEK_3DPHOTO / Getty Images


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