The kitchen island is a versatile piece that can be designed to serve many needs. Do you want more storage, counter space, or an extra dining area? Would a more spacious food prep area be helpful? Perhaps your dream island serves multiple functions.

The kitchen island workstation does it all. But, it's not just functional. Choosing a new island also lets you complement your decor or upgrade your kitchen design. So, review your practical needs. Brainstorm your most desirable kitchen decor ideas. Establish your budget. Then create your dream island.


1. Make it extra functional with a sink or cooktop

Install a sink in your island to make food prep and cleanup more efficient. Wash and chop your produce in one handy location and make it easier to stay on top of dishwashing while you're preparing meals. Put in a cooktop to further extend the usefulness of this station. Family and friends can pull up a chair while you're whipping up delicious entrees. So, you can keep the conversation flowing, even while you're cooking.

Create a second kitchen with an island outfitted with a stovetop and sink. KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


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