This year's hair color trends were all about having fun. Silver, pastels, rose gold, and rainbow "unicorn" hair colors were everywhere. Predictions for hot hair color ideas in 2020 include a stepped-up sophistication. While the silver and pastel colors aren't going anywhere soon, we'll also start seeing more natural, restrained tones. The main color trends we'll see in 2020 are deep chocolate and mahogany tones as well as buttery blonds. However, those who still like to walk on the wild side will have a chance to kick it up with neon, purple, and 90s-style bright red.


1. Deep Chocolate

Brunettes will rule in 2020. Luckily, brown is versatile; a dark brown tone exists for almost all complexions. In addition to dark golden mahogany, a delicious range of brown tones are available. Dark chocolate, caramel, and cafe au lait are just a few gorgeous brunette hair color ideas for 2020.

Woman with dark brown hair CoffeeAndMilk / Getty Images

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