Everyone loves to feel hip, trendy, and in with the "in-crowd" when it comes to fashion and beauty. But where do these trends start? Usually, a celebrity appears on the cover of a magazine or the red carpet with a head-turning new look that quickly becomes all the rage. Sometimes new looks appear on the runways as the fashion industry establishes what the latest craze will be. Soon after, you start seeing that look everywhere. People follow trends to fit in, no matter how odd they are. But then they are left with embarrassing photos when the trend fades away.


1. Body Glitter

This beauty trend was made famous by the likes of pop singers like Britney Spears. It was not only a trend in the 90s but also the 00s with small glitter tubes you could keep right in your purse for an extra dash of sparkle whenever you might need it while on the go. There's no telling if this trend will make a comeback in the future with a show called "Shimmer and Shine" popular among young kids right now. For some, you can never have too much glitter.

Embarrassing Beauty Trend Body Glitter heckmannoleg / Getty Images


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