Your grandchild has just given you a beautiful drawing of their own design. Of course you love it, and of course, you want to display it somewhere in your home. But where? How can you find a way to display it alongside the growing pile of artwork your grandkids have already given you? There are surprisingly many ways to display their art, so read on to discover a new or unique way to make your grandkid's art fit right into your space.


1. Repurpose Them

Artwork does not need to only be displayed on a wall. You can take that one-of-a-kind piece and have it repurposed into a magnet, mug or even a pillow. Picture the surprise on your grandkid’s face when they see you wearing their most recent design! Repurposing art into something you see every day is a wonderful way to think about your loved one as you go about your daily activities. Who doesn’t love drinking their morning coffee in a mug adorned with distinctive art?

Coffeebreak SteveBjorklund / Getty Images


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