A crying baby can be worrying for parents, especially if the reason for their distress is unclear. All babies cry at some point. However, some babies cry more than others. When babies cry, it is usually to alert their parents to an unmet need. As young babies can't express their needs verbally, it's down to their caregivers to figure out precisely what their cries mean and how to soothe them. Over time, parents become adept at identifying their baby's different cries.


1. Hunger

One of the most common reasons that babies cry is because they are hungry. Newborn babies have tiny stomachs that can only hold very small quantities of milk at a time. Even if the baby has recently been fed, it's possible that their stomach has already emptied and they are feeling hunger pangs again. Crying is a late cue for hunger. Babies who are hungry will often show earlier signs of hunger before crying. One such sign is "rooting," where the baby sticks out their tongue or sucking their hands and fingers. By feeding the baby as soon as they show these cues, you can sometimes avoid hunger crying.

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