There are few things more disturbing to pet owners than letting their dog run outside to poop only to end up watching them eat it. All of a sudden, the thought of the dog licking your face becomes a non-starter. The question many dog owners have is why dogs eat poop and how to stop it. It turns out there are a few reasons why they do it, and there are ways to make them stop.


1. Veterinarians Call it Coprophagia

The eating of one's own poop is referred to in scientific fields as "coprophagia." Dogs can be indiscriminate poop eaters, meaning they will consume the feces of other dogs, too. This condition can develop either because of behavior or health issues. It's important to know the reason why your dog is doing this so you can address it properly and develop methods to get them to stop.

why do dogs eat poop FatCamera / Getty Images


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