2. Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is one of the youngest quarterbacks on the list, he’s in the peak of his career, and is commanding the peak salaries and bonuses that go with that. With total career earnings of $178.3 million so far, the Detroit Lions’ QB has already garnered some record-setting pay-outs, such as his 2017 extension package, which made him at the time the highest-paid player in the NFL. The only reason he’s not higher on this list of all-time earnings is that he hasn’t been playing as long as some of the grand old men of football, such as Brady or Manning, but he’s younger and will certainly gain on them in terms of record-setting earnings. He’s one of only four players in history who has thrown over 5000 yards in a season, and with stats like that, team owners will pay whatever it takes to keep him happy and healthy!

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