Everyone wants to live in a place where the weather is nice, but in a few places in the world, extreme temperatures can be a challenge to mere survival. These locales feature more than just sunny days suitable for laying out at the beach; some of them can actually boast world-record setting heat at temperatures prohibitive to most life forms. Even if the hottest places on Earth aren't your first vacation choice, they do show the remarkable diversity of conditions we can experience on our planet.


1. Death Valley, California, USA

Death Valley is a low basin area within the Mojave Desert, on the eastern edge of California. It's further below sea level than any other place in North America, and even though it's one of the hottest places on earth, it actually supports a diverse variety of life. Humans don't live there because the record-setting 127-degree temperatures are just a little too balmy, but they do visit to see some of the majestic natural wonders of this unique hot spot.

Death Valley, California fotoVoyager / Getty Images


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