Most people can relate to the moment of panic when needing to use toilet paper but being faced with an empty roll. What if you have run out of toilet paper entirely and can't get more anytime soon? Toilet paper shortages do happen in times of crisis if supermarkets can't stock up as fast as people are buying.

If you find yourself with a lack of toilet paper, it might be useful to have an idea of how you can find alternatives. Use inventive and creative methods to make your own toilet paper so you will never be worried about running out again!


1. A simple swap

The easiest way to replace toilet paper is with a similar and equally absorbent alternative, such as facial tissue. Most households have a box or a pack of tissues that can be used in an emergency. Portable packages of facial tissue also come in handy when you're using a public restroom that has no toilet paper. If your local department store has run out of toilet paper, they might still have facial tissue available to buy.

PORNCHAI SODA / Getty Images


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