Perhaps you've heard their names in movies or on television, or maybe, if you grew up near the Great Lakes, people told you to stay out of the woods in case you ran into one. Wendigos or the legends surrounding them have been around a long time. Although there are different explanations as to what, exactly, a wendigo is, one thing is for sure: They are man-eating creatures with a hunger that simply can't be satiated. But what is a wendigo at its core? And could they be real?


1. What is a Wendigo?

According to the most commonly cited descriptions, a wendigo is a giant cannibalistic creature who feasts on humans until it's no longer hungry. Except for the fact that its stomach is never really filled. With each feed, the wendigo grows bigger and stronger and needs a bigger meal to fill it. Wendigos are malevolent and supernatural with some tribes believing that they were once, in fact, human.

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