If you're learning, or just interested in English grammar, you may have heard of a construct known as a simile. Similes are used as comparisons for two things that may seem to have nothing to do with each other but have very alike qualities. For some people, similes can become confusing, especially if they are not native English speakers or are just learning grammar rules. Similes are quite popular in the English language, which makes it important to recognize them when you come across them.


1. How to Recognize a Simile

A simile is a comparison of two different things using connecting words such as "like" or "as." Occasionally, you may see "than," "so," or a verb that indicates a resemblance. Similes are often used in poetry, but they can appear anywhere in literature, plays, movies, or even real life. If you hear someone say, "He is as strong as a bull," you know they're using a simile.


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