Almost everyone with curly hair knows it can be a challenge. There is no doubt that curls are beautiful, but they do not always cooperate with certain styles. Some people use flat irons and other products or techniques to remove the curl from their hair, but naturally curly hair can look elegant and stylish.

Many women have discovered that a combination of healthy hair- and curl-enhancing hairstyles produce gorgeous results. The secret to curly hairstyles often lies in layer cuts and letting curls flow naturally.


1. Sky-High Ponytail

Sky-high ponytails can be worn simply or styled more extensively for dressier events. Gather hair into a ponytail right in the middle of the crown, or top of the head. Secure hair with a strong elastic band, and place three or four bobby pins underneath the ponytail. The bobby pins add extra support to keep the ponytail high instead of slowly falling towards the neck. A curl-defining cream or spritz helps define and hold curls in place. Use curlers or a curling iron to add extra volume to the ponytail, or adorn hair with clips or jewelry.

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