Almost all of us have experienced dreams, and there are so many different kinds of dreams, too. Those that feel real and those you know are influenced by something you’ve seen or read. But why do we dream? What do our dreams mean? Freud once stated that dreams were the route to our subconsciousness. Since then, it’s become a popular pastime to try and analyze our dreams. After all, there are common themes that crop up from time to time for all of us.


1. Falling

Have you ever drifted off to sleep and then felt yourself falling, which jolts you awake again? The significance of a dream in which you or someone else you know is falling usually symbolizes insecurities and a loss of control. Often, our waking minds can repress our true feelings, which then come out when we go to sleep. You could be falling from a roof, a cliff, or an airplane, but it's not where you're falling from that matters. If you dream of falling, you could be lacking stability or are unsure of something in your waking life.

man falling off roof DrGrounds / Getty Images


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