Baking soda is useful for almost everything. Our grandparents used it for cooking and much more, but with the invention of newer technology and cleaning supplies, as well as new utensils for almost every aspect of our lives, the useful properties of baking soda have gotten lost in the fog. Rediscovering the practical and interesting uses for the always accessible baking soda, however, may be your saving grace the next time you need a quick fix.


1. It is Great for Your Dental Health

Brushing with baking soda has been done for decades, and with good reason. The slightly grainy and abrasive quality of baking soda makes it great for scrubbing away stubborn plaque and stains. Baking soda is also a weak base, meaning it can react to acids and neutralize them. Since plaque is an acidic substance, baking soda neutralizes and gently removes it without harming the sensitive enamel in your teeth.

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