The Australian Shepherd, also known by dog lovers as an Aussie, was first identified in the US in the 1840s. These animals are known to be loyal, energetic and affectionate with their owners. Like many other dogs, the pros and cons of an Australian Shepherd are highly dependent on the expectations of the individual pet owners. This breed is categorized as a herding dog and is happiest when kept busy or entertained with a task. As highly intelligent dogs, Aussies are easy to train and are eager to learn.


1. Pro - Personable

Australian Shepherds have wonderful personalities and adapt well to families with children and other dogs. Despite being high-energy animals, these dogs are not aggressive and make ideal companions in an active household.

While they tend to herd or nip people, these traits are usually well managed with early training and lots of exercise each day. Families may find these dogs as excellent partners in playing fetch or running alongside a bicycle.

Australian Shepherd JennayHitesman / Getty Images


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